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January 2018

Two new silicone babies are being released in 2018, Buddy and Teddy, check out the silicone pages for wonderful photos and information

We have re-arranged a few things on the website, removed some links and  tidied up the news section and removed very old news.


December 7th 2016

There is now a new fullbody silicone in production, Juna, please look at her photos and details in the silicone babies section.

For the first time in som years, Lilianne now has a one of a kind clay sculpt up for sale. Sarah. You will find her in the Available babies section.

Also Lilianne would like to wish all of her patrons and visitors a happy and beautiful Christmas time.


June 24th

New beautiful photos of Ivy and Bobbi in the silicone baby section


March 14th 2016

Now all previous silicone editions are sold out. Two new editions are on the way; Bobbi has been sent of to production, Ivy is waiting for enough pre-orders, so go ahead and look at those wonderful photos of her, and help her go into production.


e "Baby" and she will be around 20" large.


Een nieuwe pop gaat nu in productie als nieuwe kit. Hopelijk zal deze rond Mei of Juni klaar zijn.
Ik hou jullie zeker op de hoogte zodra de prototypes klaar zijn.
De naam word "Baby" en ze zal rond de 50 cm groot zijn.

liefs Lilianne