Puck will be an edition of 12 blanc  silicone kits.
Claire taylor does the pouring of this edition.
Puck is a sleeping newborn boy and will be 19 inches, head circumference about 14 inches. The head will be jointed which makes it possible to turn it easily for natural poses. 
The price for a Puck kit will be $2050 / plus shipping cost.
Shippingcost prices: (approx) $100 International / $50 in the US / $140 Australia /$105 UK /$135 China/ $100 Canada
I’m asking a deposit of $400 ( Please note: Payments are not refundable !! )
I offer layaway up to 12 months: Deposit of $400 then each month a payment of your choice. 
This edition will be poured in the very soft ecoflex 20 but you have the option to choose for the eco 30 which is a little bit firmer.
He will be poured in one piece with a jointed head.
Silicone color you can choose : light caucasian / caucasian / asian / biracial hispanic 
** Arm armatures are available upon request, please contact me for details. 
If you have questions please feel free and ask me any time: babypoppen@home.nl