I'm Lilianne Breedveld  from The Netherlands
I'm married, mother of 2 and I have 1 beautiful granddaugther.

We also adopted 2 wonderful, crazy pugs to our family!!
I started sculpting in 2000 and in June 2002 I did quit my job as a nurse to become a fulltime artist.
In the beginning I sculpted clay ooak's, years later when silicone got more populair I started sculpting for silicone editions.
All my silicone editions are molded and poured by Claire Taylor in the US. She's an amazing and well known silicone artist.

My love for babies and passion for sculpting made it possible to create many different babies over the years.


This is how all starts.......!!

Created out of a lump of clay.­

Each detail or part of the doll is sculpted by hand, no molds are used.

From tiny fingernails to wrinkles, boy or girl whether awake or asleep all details are sculpted by me. I love to capture a lifelike expression in a sculpt.

When the doll is finished and i'm happy with it, i start sanding the complete doll to make the clay as smooth as possible  for silicone production.

From begin to end it takes many weeks to complete a new baby!!

Finally the clay ooak will be shipped to Claire Taylor (US) for silicone production.

Below some pictures of clay parts or dolls in progress.­