Order details SAGA 




Please examine your kit within 3 days of receiving. Please remember to check the drink and wet if one is included,within the 3 days if you ordered the drink and wet feature. 

If your kits will shipped directly to a reborner please tell them to check it for you!!

You can contact me (Lilianne) directly with any concerns within 3 days of receiving your kit.

You can email directly:  babypoppen@home.nl


Hi every one,


Details of new blank kit edition a newborn babygirl named SAGA.

This edition will be an edition of 14 blanc silicone kits and 1 prototype (Depending on the quality of the mold).

The prototype will be finished by Debbie Henshaw (I do not sell complete dolls, only blank kits).

Clair TAylor is the silicone artist who does the molding of this edition.

The length of the clay OOAK SAGA is about 20,5 inches / 52 cm (her legs are sculpted almost steched out)

The head circumference is around 14 / 15 inch / 36 cm.

The silicone doll will be poured in one piece.

The price of the fb blank kit will be $2200 poured in soft silicone exclusive shipping cost.

Shippingcost prices are: (approx) $60 in the USA / $150 for Australia / $115 for the UK / $107 for Canada / $108 for Germany / $115 for Spain / $105 for The Netherlands / $115 for Sweden and Denmark / $115 for Italy and Austria and Switzerland / $137 for Indonesia / $152 for New Sealand.

I'm asking a deposit of $400 (please note: Payments are not refundable!)

I offer layaway up to 12 months with a deposit of $400 and then every month a payment of your choise until the kit is payed off.

Eye info only for open eyed kits: Claire can set the eyes for you, she will use only her own provided eyes.

The cost will be $66 extra for the eyes including setting.

The collors of the eyes are: newborn bleu or dark brown.

Clair will not cut out the eyes for costumers if she not have to set the eyes she provided self because they might not fit.

This edition will be poured in the very soft silicone.

Silicone colors you can choose from are: Caucasian / asian / Biracial Hispanic / AA


Extra options:

                          Claire offers service to place armatures in the arms.

                          This is an extra service and cost: $300 for an elbow armature

                          and $500 for a full armature from shoulder to wrist.

                          Drink and wet system $500.


If you have questions please feel free and ask me anytime: babypoppen@home.nl